Drowning in unfamiliar waters
Too dark, no oxygen remains
Head below, nearly thoughtless
Trapped in massive bleary chains
Lungs deflated, body aching
Heartbeats merely quiver now
It seems everything is shaking
Lips uttering a tranquil vow
A foray of vitalising forces
If that's the end, that shall it be
Notions of invoiced remorses
Prospects dissolved, so it seems
Alas, the final curtain closes
Out of the blue a bygone feeling
The violent dark pharynx exposes
A figure feeble, broken, kneeling
Blinding gleam piercing eyes
Lungs fill with liberating breath
Afar a flock of seagulls cries
Sickened, past emotions coalesce
Failure, most common endeavour
But don't break and succumb
The flood never stays forever
Eventually the ebb doth come

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