Tie me down

You've got me wrapped,
up in chains.
You smile while,
I'm left with pain.

I've got the marks.
I can prove it to you.
You shouldn't make me,
feel the way I do.

You stay away,
I won't tell you again.
But you won't listen,
you creep back in.

I don't like this,
expect me to fight.
How can something so wrong,
feel so right?

But is it really wrong?
I question myself.
I'm trying to see,
if you're bad for my health.

It's as if,
I have no say.
And I feel,
my mind's astray.

You tie me up,
make sure I won't hurt you.
You strip me down,
just to make sure too.

And while I laugh,
at this harmless fun,
I wonder what's,
really begun.

I'm pulling,
at my binds.
So curious to see,
what I'll find.

But they're digging,
into my skin.
And just like that,
you win.

You hold me down,
and study me.
But I'd let you do that,
if I was free.

And while you tease,
my body too,
I'm studying every,
inch of you.

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