lonely. for every time I've called you or him who picked up?
nobody did.
for the times i sit alone in my room contemplating the gun.
with my hands on my head trying to grasp what is left nothing.
i go off and stare into a world of selfish glares, at me.
i know i am introverted and young.
i leave the gun on the bed next to my head laying there.
all my memories drift.
the only one who knows, is tiff.
but yet i die, still alone not knowing that "times just go by."
tiff told me things would get better.
but i made my time here run out.
faster then my mother when the crack called her name.
louder then i ever could.
so the word l.o.n.e.l.y..
runs through my mind.
as all these dangerous thoughts go by.
in the times i asked for pop-cycles and princess shoes.
was the same time a "babysitter" came by.
calling him self a "babysitter".
i had fallen asleep playing barbies with no cares in the world.
woke up next to a man with his hands down my pants.
six years old to scared to even sit next to her father.
unable to even hug a man.
the only one who knows, is tiff.
thanks tiff.

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