Tiffany’s Poem

By Jackamo   

How many times have you heard my lines before,
I wonder just what you think.
The same old cliches’ or tales of lore,
As you fetch their food or drink.

All guys like to play the game,
some actually think they're witty,
But all in all their goal's the same,
They just want to see those great big titties.

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This Poems Story

While being very flirtatious , with no intent or expectation, to a beautiful, busty bar maid named (as I'm sure you have guessed) Tiffany. Off the cuff, I wrote this on a napkin and handed it to her. To say that she was instantly enthralled with me would certainly be a giant lie, but we did become fast friends (as a customer and tender that is). Although a bit crude for most, I read the situation before me and my little rhyme did exactly what I had hoped it would, broke the ice so that I wasn't just another sad soul drinking alone at a bar.