The curtain draws
With a wave of applause
With “Ooo”s and “Aww”s
And lots of “Hurrah”s
The spotlight shines
And glaringly blinds
Diminishing signs
Of any decline

When perfection is the enemy
And the villain is staring back at me
When mocking glass hallucinates
When prowling tigers lie in wait

The mirror reflects my screams
And shatters like unfulfilled dreams
From confidence to fear, capitulated
Horrors and fantasies, manipulated
Every imperfection magnifies
Under lens which stigmatize

Chains arise and choke the fruit
While thorns inject disrepute
There is no contentment
For an image in constant argument

A civil war within my very cells
Rages on despite repel
A self-hatred singes without quell
Beneath a mask which never tells

Behind the stage where no one sees
The curtain falls, so do my knees
The crowds throw flowers for my acclaim
Their praises ring yet feed distain
For what they adore is just the act
And their love would cease if they saw fact

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