Tik Tok

To where ever he seeks then he shall find in the shallow darkness of his disk corner where time is trapped and time stand still within only a glimpse of a clock now frozen where it last moved to the rhythm tic toc does his wandering eyes finally see's what he was in search of all this time long just waiting to be found by him alone in her own depths of despairing heart that he only could bring her back to life and everything around her just like the clock on his disk that now tics by every single second they locked eyes and slowly brings darkness to light in a burning candle inflamed by fire that is connected between them and only started by a spark of reaching out.

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This Poems Story

Its about the countless times of searching for what you been looking for all your life and reliziing it was in front of you the entire time and then time stops as before it was racing to reach where you are now against time.