Till she came along

I was all alone,
Till she came along
I had no one to comfort me
Nobody understood me,
Even my own mom
Wow! It's God's grace
That changed when she came along
She holds my hand in bad days
She pays attention when I speak
She value my words and myself in general
She listens to my weird thoughts
Just when I thought no one cared

I'd never want to let go of her
I wouldn't do it if I had a choice to
She's the apple of my eyes
She's an example of a woman
Her actions says it all
Her pride is of high standards
Weaken won't understand it
These days my enemies have gotten angrier
Oh! And I have upped my grades
I was lonely and miserable
Till she came along
She brightens the dark in me

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This Poems Story

It's another version of "She rewrote my life". It tells how a mystery girl changed my life.