Where did the time go?
Way back when, I loved you so.
You were just a kid, and so was I.
Never did want to say goodbye.
My high school love had vanished in the night.
For years, I'd regretted that silly fight.
Time passed, and I dreamt of you often.
Never could the memory of your sweet smile be forgotten.
Then one day on Facebook, I discovered I had been "poked,"
And those old feelings evoked.
It was your name behind that subsequent text.
With eager anticipation, I could hardly wait for the next.
I heard you were back, in a town with seemingly nothing to do.
Never imagined I'd be responding, "Me too."
You'd grown older, and so had I,
Though it seemed an angel had fallen from the sky.
We didn't classify our encounter as a date,
But our reunion surely felt like fate.
Our friendship grew.
All the while, your presence abated the times I'd felt blue.
The love intensified as the months passed.
Then I saw the ring, and you asked.
Old lovers often part,
But you can't ignore the feelings of the heart.
In retrospect, I wouldn't change a thing,
'Cause today, I'm just grateful for all the happiness that you bring.
Now and then, I still must ask, "Where did the time go?"
All I know is I love you so.

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