Her dress blew upward as the wind whistled past her
Her sandy brown hair swam in the air and danced around her dimples
The earth beneath her feet felt hard, steady, yet soft and welcoming at the same time
As the sun set behind the trees it kissed the steady soft earth one last time before departing
She laid near the daises in the open field and watched the earth grow quiet and cold
There was no fear in her heart, for she knew the sun would rise again and the wind would whisper in her ear the same sweet song she new well
Hope and faith pushed her through life, gave her the power to thrive
Yet as the night comes and the earth grows dark and cold, so does the spirit
As she aged, the sun became nothing but necessary light and the song of the wind grew tiresome
Her grey hair, the little she had was kept up so the air was unable to sway it
The daisies were ever present in the field and the sun continued to kiss the earth goodnight each day, yet she viewed the world differently now
Where was that soul that once filed her veins? Where was the childlike wonder that once put a spark in her eyes?
The wanderlust vanished
Never imagining this day would come, she took the world for granted
Taking in the beautiful land around her, but not savoring it
Her elder eyes looked through the window at the daisies dancing to the song of the wind
Her hand reaching for her hair, letting the ringlets fall to her dimples, she walked out to the field
Feeling the hard, steady yet soft and welcoming earth again she closed her eyes and let the wind sing to her youth
She laid among the daisies and watched the sun kiss the earth one last time
The spark of wonder filled her eyes as she closed them and the wind sang her to sleep.

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