Time-a continuum, to say the least-
Do I dare to understand her shadow of complexity foreboding around?
For some, it's of the essence, for others, an invigorating velocity
that cannot slow them down.
It's hard for me to comprehend all the days gone past...
since we have strolled through golden fields
and lounged on docile grass.

I miss you so, and yearn for you to feel September's balmy breeze-
to behold the color's changing hue, transforming summer leaves.
The days have changed from weeks to months, and now unfathomable years
and I must now concur with time to prove that you are here.

I sense you in the meadow rue, amongst the buttercups,
as well as in the morning stars that hover over us.
I feel you in the brazen sun to guide me on my way,
as well as in the royal light that hastens each new day.
I see you in my misty dreams to appease me through the night
and in the cloud-capped sky above, that is so lily white.

Today is but a moment, with tomorrow very near-
and in my fleeting time in life, I'll hold your memory dear.
I think about when we shall meet, and I gaze upon your face
and marvel how the pain once there has been replaced with grace.

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