People moving along bright streets
too busy to notice the difference of time
The passing of yesterday, and the birth of today
It's the change in scenery that kindly glides with me
Or the temporary slumber of the sun, that is often forgotten
People talking in crowded places,
speaking of what is and what isn't,
But never of what was or wasn't

Maybe time is a heavy burden that weighs far too much to remember
Still, I can recall the name of my first friend,
and the way true freedom felt to a silly six year old girl
Now, I feel that there are not enough hours in one day to dream
like I once did about far away places,
or sing of love as if I had been in it

Like icecream in summer melts away,
more and more of the me that once was
drips down the cone of my existence
One day soon I will forget the sweet strawberry flavor
of my innocence
I can taste the plain vanilla of adulthood on my tongue
as I venture out in the odd, but familiar world I live in
When my skin becomes transparent paper,
and my body is cursed with the stiffness of old age
I will fail to remember what it was like to grow up in an age
when people didn't care to treasure time

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