Time is something that is neither seen nor
heard. It is the only non-visible movement
in our lives, that continues to move without any
interruption at all. Time can be your best
friend and can sometimes be your worst enemy.
I have often prayed for more of it. We all yearn
for more or less of it, depending on your situation.
It will daze you with the hope from where you started,
wishing you could turn back the hands of time, but time keeps
ticking, the past, the furture, will follow. Oh how we wish we
could move the hands backward or forward, but the present of
time is not to be contained. Each day has its own ticker,
each night has its own flicker. Every second in this name
counts, every minute matters, because things will change. The
hours are longest, but the months and years are the strongest.
We move on whether we like it or not. The choice is not ours it's
the time on the clock. It has the abilty to control every part
of our lives, from the time we are born to the time we die.

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