As the day arches on
I realize so many good times are now gone
As dead as the summer flowers in the chilled days of winter
I reminisce the wonders of yesteryear
And I long for the days when your sight was strong, clear, and vivid
And your memory sharp as a tack
But I know deep within, now those vial traits you lack
I continue to grow older, as do you
Each of us in different stages of our lives
If only I knew then, what I know now
I would have treasured time much more deeply and precise
Now there's not much left but tearful memories
However, I have faith that one day we shall meet again
And you will be the same as you were in the days of glory
As we look back on these sad days, they will be nothing more than a
painful story
Although it seems that day will never come
As tears of sorrow stream down my cheeks and you they are from
I know in my heart that special day will in fact arise
And as it ensures, the angels will begin to sing
And no more a distant memory will I be forced to cling
As I see you young and lively like that of a new born butterfly,
I‘ll then know we'll never again have to say good-bye
And as you see me just the same, we both for eternity happy and free
As I see you, and you see me

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