Every time we say time
We have to define what time we are really talking about
We also from time to time say we are out of time
Are we need more time to be on time
And I wasn't thinking that that time
That minute didn't last a minute to long
That time seemed like more than a minute
And minutes beats 60th times a hour
Sometimes a minute seem like years
And minutes comes approximately 1,440 times a day
And time changes approximately 10,008 times a week
And time changes approximately 40,320 times a month
Yes minutes changes approximately 483,840 times a year
And we get to live again approximately 37,505,520 times
To correct our mistakes
And reinforce our dreams
And improve on how we do our jobs
And time after time we get to do it all over again
Another time
No wonder some of us is so tired
Because we hold on to things so long
Time and time again
Minute after minute time wears us down
Time out

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