time what is time? time is the beginning, and the end.
we live in time, we die in time their is no escaping,
people who are dying, they try to escape,
but alas they can't, so all I can say is this.

I am a man who is all alone, waiting to die in this land of hell,
for I am in Viet Nam what a place to be, how I wish I was home with my wife
and family.

for the life of a solider is very lonely, your wondering about life and even death, or if your even going to make it through the night.
I am a solider dyeing my life almost gone,
for you see my son I've just been shot by the Viet Cong.

and with what strength I have left, I try to write to you my son,
I pray you don't fight in Viet Nam,
but if you do fight please listen my son, fight like a man,
and yes if it comes to it, die like a man in the hells of Viet Nam.

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This Poems Story

about a wounded man a long time ago in a far away land.