I’m never ending and always growing,
Crawling on day by day,
and night after night.
Always am I getting older second after second.
You have me on your wall, your nightstand,
on your person.
I am everywhere,
I watched you grow from the second you were born
to your present being,
I am the reason you are as old as you are.
But nothing is older than Time,
not even death himself is as old as I.
I am a ball,
Rolling on and on down an endless hill,
nothing in my way to disrupt my path.
Not a single bump.
Nothing can stop me for I am the reason there is life on Earth.
It took me- Time to create the Earth
and make it so life was able to blossom.
I am the one who is on your wall, your nightstand,
on your person.
Yet you’re the one who doesn’t understand who I am, what I am.

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This Poems Story

This poem was inspired by a task we needed to do in school by writing in the first person view of an inanimate object we drew from a hat (literally) I received a clock and decided to write in the perspective of time itself.