I just need some time I'm trying to think straight
I just need a moment in my own space
Ask me how i'm doing i say ok
But ain't that what we all say?
Sometimes I think back to the old days
With the pointless conversations with the old me
Sitting round wishing I could be
Everything my momma told me
But instead
I listened to the voices in my head
As I grew up I misunderstood
Reality and what it is worth
Tried giving up
Thinking I’m not enough
Thought the only way to healing was by hurting myself or others
Another child becomes a cutter
Shedding tears of many colors
Without support they have no hope
With support they have learned to cope
But I'm still stuck here in the ring of fire
No longer living, have no desire
I feel like I’m dead so why shouldn’t I be
Cuz I am bruised and not healing
I hear the voices louder they come
But why do I not just go and run?
They scare everyone else away
But they excite me, make me play their game
Stuck in the past maybe thats my mistake
Told I’m not worth it … what a shame
Cuz I didn’t wanna be here anyways
Heard you told your friends that I’m just not your type
If that’s how you really feel then why’d you call last night
I guess truth hurts so you’d rather lie
So guess you also want me to die
I'm just a burden or so you say
Don’t even remember my name
All the good times, It’s a bad time
To just walk away
From you
Leaving me down and blue
Cause I got abandonment issues
Can’t be resolved so I bury them deep
This poem is long but it's got true meaning
I hope you know that words hurt
It’s like they are a type of curse
They stick with you till the day you die
Go to heaven or the other side
Hell I hear is a terrible place
And I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemies
But if you get something from this poem today
Just know I love you and I’m here to stay
The voices inside cannot control
They just strongly suggest what to do
I hope they don't get the best of you
Cuz you're worth much more you just haven't a clue

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This Poems Story

I got the inspiration for this poem from my struggle with mental health.