At the moment God made Heaven and the minute God made earth
That is the very instant that we know time had its birth
From that day in the beginning so very long ago
The universal pendulum started swinging to and fro
Every second, every minute, every hour, every day
It has never paused a moment, it has never gone astray
And of all things God created, there is one thing that is prime
His most important wonder, the precious gift of time-
From the moment God made daylight on that prehistoric dawn
The steady drum of time began, and life began to form
And though man has tried to slow the pace and hold on to each minute
To enjoy the cup of wine of life and savor all that's in it
We hear the seconds ticking by and see the moving hands
As we watch the seasons come and go like the tide upon the sands
And finally when we've had our share and look back through the years
And think of all the good times and remember all the tears
Each person ponders his own life and the mountains he has climbed
And puts their thoughts in books or songs, and some in little rhymes
But each thanks God for every tick or beat or stroke or chime
And asks Him for a little more of the precious gift of time

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