This time very powerful,
This is the devil
This is crazy

But everyone is unaware of it,

This is a digestion in itself

This time does not stop for anyone,

It doesn't bow down to anyone,

It keeps on happening in you,

People move

Time is Ram,
Time is the devil

It has many forms,

It is unknown

Time becomes angry with someone,

But never speaks to anyone

Lets go with time

No let's give it

He also loves

It also takes revenge,

But every person is afraid of it

It becomes a memory,

It becomes a thing,

If someone does not think and speak, then he becomes a devil

Time never goes with anyone,

Every person is looking for this

It's morning

This is the evening

This is the sun,

This is the moon,
This is the work of this,

This is my time
And this is my identity

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