Connected by each moment we share
Disconnected and feeling the love in between
Energy given to others slowly breaks me down
like a chisel to fossils immersed in rock
My heart is stuck in this time and place
of hope of the dream of us
Moving on for you is so easily done
as if our love didn't exist
Not letting go is this weight pushing me down
Who is there to lift this off my heavy heart
so it can open up again myself, my family, my friends
Day after day my blood pumps through
giving my heart the love it needs to survive
Why so much hurt and pain do we have to endure
Life is to be full like a fields of sunflowers
bright, happy and of love
Constantly skipping to a different beat
headed on the same path
Time comes, time goes, so much time to have
Where is it taking us but in the past
I need to move forward
to embrace all the universe is presenting to me
I see the light, I feel wings
lifting my head high towards the sky
Pushing with force that wasn't there before
it is time, time for me to spread my wings and fly

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