Time controls your life
You spend time, waste time, take up time, make time, wait on time
Wait on other people's time
But do we ever enjoy our time?
We have a bed time, work time, wake up time, dinner time, party time
We are at time's beck and call
As we fall under the spell of the ticking clock on the wall
With every second hand that moves we are watching
We check on time
Ask for time, spend time, pass time, we time our time
But do we ever enjoy our time?

Confound to a face with numbers
As the grandfather clock is mocking your social obsession
Of he's ticking and tocking
Better to be early but never late
Just another tactic the clock uses to control your fate
As if time defines you
Time heals all
Because that is all we have
Just sitting ducks waiting to quack
We talk about forever yet forever isn't tomorrow or in the next hour
Forever is in a faraway intangible place
Forever is a seed that will never be seen
As the bud sprouts and blossoms into a tree
So as I allow these seconds to slip away
I find it safe to say that forever and always
That's how long time will take

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