Time keep changing but I'm always there,it's always the present,
and I'm always here in this moment, at this time. Times keep
changing but this moment is mine. I can't change what happened last
year, I can't go back and uncry those tears, can't get back the years
that I foolishly wasted the moments of bliss that I briefly tasted
no they're gone & now the time is now but why does the past play
such a huge part in the way I feel now,deep inand my heart each
day's a new start another chance to live another chance to give
another chance tobe the man I want to be a man that time has
molded through all the times he's been scolded a man that will
stand this time when in the past he folded there's no need to
keep thinking about where I've been and if now? tell me when?
it's been 37 years but I'm here right now the past is gone
my time is now.

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