The sun stained my skin the color of summer
And a piece of that blue sky got trapped in my eyes
Sometimes, I stop still from wonder
At how time has flown by
It's funny how tomorrow can take today
And turn it into yesterday
It doesn't take a while
It's such a quick thing
Like the beat of your heart
Or a hummingbird's wing
And as the months creep along
My soul is feeding me
The words to this song
I cannot fathom it, this thing called Time
You cannot touch it
But it touches your life
I wish we could stop or just rewind
Because everything is fleeting
In the hands of Time
It's slightly terrifying how I can hold in my hand
Two pennies and that's my lifespan
Time has got me under its thumb
And the battle has already been won
Just not by me
As you can see
I'm under lock and key

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