Time will tell.
When I get out of jail
Whether my future will flourish
Otherwise stuck in a jail cell is where my life will remain
Vague memories travel through my brain
My past life is useless today
Praying for tommorrow to see what it may bring
Begging God for mercy
Temptation and evilness tries to coerce me
I remain faithful through the pain
I figure this is a lesson I need to gain
Not understanding life all the same
Putting the peices together
All this says is how much of a fragment of my life needs to change
Looking back to a time when youth was on my side
Just considered as a criminal mind
With pure intentions inside
Yet the plan never turned out right
This time is the only time I forfeit my pride
I cannot handle the consequences that break me down inside
Finding no amusement in what my actions do for me
Still resilent to surrender
I measure out my life
All I have sacrificed
Addicted to the fast life
My insecurities inside come to life
I sell my self-esteem for a price
Now I am in a prison cell
And there is nothing else to tell

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