One stands in line
One takes one turn,
One watches the birds at the feeder;
Each feeds in one's own place
Each little bird's face,
As if then taking over Mr. Bluejay becomes the greeter.

Some take part in the living of life
Some just take it as it comes;
Some just watch, as life becomes only time as a splotch,
Some take what they can and run.

But some at the feeder in life like the greeter
Look for ways to share and dare to spare the others at best;
For it is about other,
Our sisters and brothers,
In life's home grown, not to leave other alone,
Best of the nest.

Time is time
And moment is moment,
But what it all means we believe,
Is how we make it, how we take it,
When we are done here like the birds

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I am a retired computer-key-puncher, mother, grandmother, grill cook, paper deliverer, gardener, crocheter of all kinds of blankets, and wife of forty-five years. I write a "Thought for Today" that has been published in my local papers. I love writing from my own life visions and observations. It makes me happy as I live on our old blueberry farm. Life is poetry all around us and when we read it or share it we make life for another into another moment of introspect, harmony, or peace- as intended.