Time is enigmatic.
It hides in the dark waiting.
It disguises itself as the Sun.
I can't be fooled by its ability to comfort
and then without warning burn me with its caustic eyes.
It is insidious.
It creeps slowly behind me until I hear its footsteps,
then swiftly sneaks by
allowing me to smell the stench to prove it exists.
It pretends to be my friend
but has a bigger ego than anyone I've ever met.
It has held my hand in the morning
and has abandoned me before nightfall on the same day.
It has befriended death and change.
Together they boldly seep into my soul and try to rape my mind.
I must play their game to survive
and appear to be unaffected by their transgressions.
It holds all of its authority in the yesterday and tomorrow.
It has no power in the now.
So for this moment only, I am free of It.

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