time, time, Change. time, time, Change. Every few minutes, a ring.
Every minute for an hour. He was sat on the floor, watching the
black void through the window settle outside of the quiet home.
time, time, Change. "what time?" He whispered along with the
sound of ringing.
'Time?' Another Voice whispered back. 'Time!'
"what time is it?"
'Time, Time, Change.'
They once again never answered.
He didn't feel the will to peak over and see the clock.
He wasn't ready, needn't He ever be ready. "please, time."
'Please!' The Voice laughed and mocked. 'Please Time!'
"no time."
'No Time!'
He watched colors seal through the house, spread out as the
window slowly open. He forgot to seal it too. With a silent
frown, He stood up and went to shut the window. "time, time,
Change, why?"

"why!" she pleaded, her cries fell upon silence. "please time!"

'I Wish To.' He answered. 'I'm Too Thirsty.
My Head Hurts, Time.'
The Voice agreed, 'Fall, Time.'
'Fall, Time.'
'I'm Sorry. Time.' The Voice hushed.
'I'm Sorry. Time.' He hushed. 'Peace, Time.'

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