A name that has been regarded as a question a joke a search
You’re days and nights, months and years
These are things that we regard as nothing more than Time

But Time is not just measurements of minutes and seconds
Time is Infinite yet it’s limited
It’s the ultimate killer yet it is the number one saver

You will say what is the time or check your equipment for it
But do we even know the answer to this question
What is Time

Is it the times the clock has hit 60 seconds
Or is it just another question in many more
Time is regarded little and only by asking what year did that happen

But Time is a multiplex that is ever growing
Time is a dangerous weapon
Or the key to peace

It could change your life, or destroy it
Manipulate it or Ignore it
Now next time you think about time think about what it really is and don’t forget what is time’s meaning

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