Time Bomb

Emotions to emotionless in one swift motion.
Feelings rattle my cage, induce me in rage.
Numbness starves my soul, yet anger feeds.
My brain is a time bomb, tick-tock.

All in the same, I want to blow out my brains.
Not in a suicidal way.
I just like the feel of pain in my brain, my body, my skin.
The pain cuts time in this bomb, tick-tock.

Temptation is the wire atop this gun powder
Let it burn, I will live on, starving.
Temptation to soothe the hungry soul.
To soothe the clock on my brain, tick-tock.

The match is lit, the pills fed, the walls red.
The bomb, diffused, but the clock is not. Tick-tock.

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