Time Capsule

This is about a girl who grew up with her life in a blur,
With fake people who would lie straight to her face,
Every waking minute of nothing but a stir,
She just always felt so out of place.
Like she didn't fit in the generation,
She found drugs and alcohol just to dull her emotions,
Somehow she just wasn't a piece in the final formation,
Because apparently she didn't get the notion.
She just wanted to get into a time capsule and go back in time,
It seems like everything you do, you have to pay a fine.
She just wanted to go to the fifties,
Where everything moved more swiftly.
But she couldn't so she just took drink after drink,
Until she was on the brink.
Messing up nothing but her liver,
That's when she put the bottle to her head,
And pulled the trigger.

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