Time, Chance, and Death

Time moves quickly,
and with him comes decay.
Chance rewards the wickedly,
and evil wins the day.
Death is waiting to impend,
and stands in wait for the end.

Time will continually march on,
The beginning is far gone.
It is written that this is our fate,
And dust is all we await.

Gambling is no friend of ours,
True with every passing hour.
Innocence is lost to circumstance,
And we lose our favor with chance.

Death is a beast nocturnal,
And the grave awaits eternal.
Gods above with all their power,
Could not save this wilting flower.

There is a man of Galilee,
Condemned to a cross.
Nailed to a rotting tree,
An innocent life lost.

I hope you meet His glance,
That you see the sun at dawn,
So that time, death, and chance,
will forever disappear, and be gone.

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