Time doesn't Heal all Wounds

People ask all the time,
"How are you doing"?
I just answer "I'm fine".
They really don't want to hear,
How I am really doing,
Because they really don't care,
They think they are being polite,
So what if I told them the truth,
Told them how I still cry at night,
And how a big part of me died,
The day my daughter was called home,
I could tell them how my life ended that day,
What would they say?
I'm sure they would find an excuse,
To just walk away,
I sometimes wish people could see the truth,
That someone could see beyond the fake smile,
What I don't want to hear,
Is how they know what I'm going through,
Because unless they lost a child to,
They will never understand the pain,
The pain I live with everyday,
I don't want to hear, that time heals all wounds,
This wound will never heal,
It always feels like she left today,
I have just learnt to live with the pain,
It is always with me just like the tears,
She was thirty but was still my baby,
And the pain of losing her will always remain,
I will continue to have the tears,
For time doesn't heal all wounds.

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This Poems Story

It's how I have felt since my daughter went away.