Time Here

Time passes, and we pass with it
We can't stop it, like sand that's sifted
The days pass, but they're our gifts to keep
As memories we hold so deep
Each morning is another chance: to reap the winds, to seek, to dance
Each night is a chance to pray
That God will give me another day
To be with you, to see your smile, to sit and linger, for a while
To slow down time is not to be,
But today I'm thankful you're here with me
Let's hold this time as treasured gold
Be in the moment, the memory will hold
And when the day comes, that I'm old
I'll thank God for the time He doled
The precious moments that we spent, unparalleled and heaven-sent
Will today and always be, our special part of history
Hold the time now as it's here
Live it fully, without fear
God's time for us is His own plan
So seize the moment, this day you can
Make the most of it, and you will see
Each moment is a brick in the house of your memories
Build the house, keep the times,
Housed forever in your heart and mind
Take them with you in your soul
To heaven where you'll share your gold

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This Poems Story

Nette Alford is married to David Alford and they live in Frisco, TX, with their three children Eric, Patrick, and Allison. Nette grew up in Lafayette, LA, and is the fourth child of Pete and Jeanie Rush. She enjoyed writing poetry even as a child. The poem, "Time Here," came to mind at dawn on July 16, 2012, and she felt compelled to put it on paper.