Time Is Not On My Side

I feel like I have all of the blessings in life
No matter how much I have had to overcome
Even with all the trials tribulations and strife
I'd do it all over again if asked with bar none

In the tiniest of moment I give in to doubt
I am left only to sit then and wonder
Fear consumes me and my judgement is without
A true meaning which gives me room to plunder

So as I move on to the next task at hand
I look forward and stride on with no heading
And ultimately things are in the end pretty grand
It's true what you are blessed with is not you regretting

The real reason we ever wish to be in another's shoes
Not because their life is any better because we think
It's the fear of what we might've gained or what we will lose
But when we are solely focused on just from what cup to drink

It will always be the reason we don't succeed
If ever there's a problem now I must take it all in
Never give in to failure or give ammunition to the devils feed
Not even to give any other an opportunistic way now or then

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This Poems Story

I made one of the most undoubtedly easy yet difficult choices in my life today.. What can I say I am a sucker for love and well the heart wants what the heart wants.