Time is Ticking

By Kia32   

Time is ticking and days are colder
As young children getting older.
My mind is spinning from all the sinning, I'm never winning.
Anger consumes a few now where feeling blue, Life never feels true, dead bodies everywhere because of a sad man.
No help to get out what is this all about.
Never know where to turn, low on resources on this earth we live, so we go to God and ask him to forgive.
Not realizing that the next day u there to sin again, where is change? where is self control? Where is peace? Where is Love? one from heaven above.
Time is ticking what u going to do? Hard to manage a world in flame, there is just to much pain, sorrow seems to follow, which makes u feel low.
I can't take No more, no more hurt, no more pain , no more things that's driving me insane.
My heart clings for trust, and not lust, my heart clings for Love but it always fell, my heart clings to denial, my life feels like a trial.
No one real to many fake can someone relate to the heartache of a woman who mourns for honour and respect but gets put down instead.
A woman who is in need of a hug gets smashed like a bug.
Time is ticking and it is definitely clicking but there is always doubt can someone please let me out.
Don't run and don't hide is what u try to tell yourself but u left alone like a empty bookshelf.
Everyone think they know u they judge u by a look but never know your by yourself but will they reach out to give you help.
Looking at the decisions we make can be a puzzle but others like to make us where a muzzle.
Instead of lending a ear they just don't care. My mind is cloudy in every way it sometimes seem hard to stay.
Lord knows I don't know what to do why must I continue to feel blue? The older I get the wiser I get, but to tell the truth it never seems to get better and I'm tired of this character.
Time is ticking and I'm tired of picking them. The cold heart of a man can make u feel bland.
Watch out without a doubt they play with your emotions and never really focus on the outcome of a time ticking woman that's mad as hell cause he always fell to provide and love unconditionally, to respect, to honour, to care, to fear the heart of a broken heart, they never try to mend your hurt and pain, they just care about there controlling ways and say it's just a phase, you crooked fool time is ticking and there is frustration in the air cause of a heart of a cold man.

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Time is running out in this poem so you gotta hold on!