Time Line

I believe the evolution of the decendants of time
leads to the revolution which holds in court as the defendants of crime
I keep a definitive mind; I speak freely and I defend it at times
I can fight or flee; the road to victory just depends if it's mines
my time to shine; I'll send a classic rhyme to the typical thug
I'll skip the grudge because as my brother
I'd rather give him some love
Sex, money, drugs; is where you can find all three
where you won't find me in a club
My brother closed his chapter after
the killer clapped him and filled him with slugs
I'm not above stormy days and rainy nights
It's written in blood
I see 40 days and 40 nights
Be careful, It's coming ; prepare for the flood
When it came, you saw, it went
In the event; you strong arm and make it through the storm
Don't get stuck in the mud
The past can creep up on you fast
At last, I see what it does; Who am I to judge
I'm standing firm on my convictions
Listen, I'll never budge
The world is moving fast, so fast; and I'm caught up in the rush
Who can you trust because after all,
You know the story of us

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