Time Management

Sitting in my car at 8:59 A.M.
A song I like just started playing on the radio
But my shift starts at 9:00
So I'm going to be late again

That's the fifth time this work week
The twentieth time this work month
The two hundred and sixtieth time this work year
Give or take

When the song is over I get out of my car
Stepping into a heavy downpour
But that's okay because I didn't have time to take a shower
And my hair was sticking up
The acid rain adds flavor to my coffee
Causing heartburn to erode my esophagus
I secretly wish it had the strength to dissolve my store

Almost nine hours later I leave my department and head to the back
I don't get penalized if I clock out under ten minutes early
When I time my walk just right, I reach the clock at exactly 5:51
I scan my badge and step outside
I drive away knowing the store will still be there when I come back
It has stopped raining

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