Time Moves On

I recall the old home town, 7
and how they tore it down. 6
They built all around, 5
until all I do is frown. 7

Mom and Pop are no more. 6
Dollars they adore, 5
cause life’s better than before. 7

I really don't know for sure. 7
They tell me time moves on. 6 /
Woods gone I played in, 5
are built condominiums. 7

Blacktop covers like a sin, 6
ponds I fished so often. 5
My mind strains to take it in. 7

My heart is torn up inside. 7
Do we accept it then? 6
Who can say my friend. 5
The conflict never ends or mends.7

They tell me time moves on. 6 /
Reflect back in time, 5
on all that we left behind. 7

Sweet memories so sublime, 7
All bright clear in our minds. 6
Reflections divine, 5
You see no street traffic signs. 7

Sawdust covers the floor, 6
In the country store. 5
Roads with one thin painted line.7

Penny candy sold two for, 7
They tell me time moves on. 6/
Memories cling on. 5
Never to see them again. 7

Outback an apple grove. 6
People by the trove, 5
around the pot belly stove. 7

Breath fresh air,in the sunshine.7
They tell me time moves on. 6 /
Doors open all time, 5
never worry about crime. 7

Drying clothes on the line, 6
Reflections so fine. 5
Hearing crickets chirp away. 7

In the woods i go to play. 7
I am fishing every day, 6
smelling new mowed hay. 5
On the bank I sleep away. 7

They tell me time moves on. 6 /
Churches do help out, 5
those needy in times of doubt. 7

From pulpits preachers shout out,7
Leave no one down and out! 6
Simplistic time about, 5
Can’t afford it? Do without. 7

The new big tail fin cars, 6
5 cent candy bars, 5
memories like many stars. 7

My memories still aren't gone. 7
They tell me time moves on. 6 /
I yearn for days gone. 5
What will be tomorrow's dawn? 7

We needed no street light, 6
At early twilight, 5
the milky way shown with might. 7

All T.V.’s where black and white,7
Twelve a.m. off at night. 6
The world was so right. 5
What will be tomorrow's dawn? 7

They tell me time moves on. 6 /
I reflect upon, 5
tomorrow is still beyond.... 7


This poem is done in Gaines form which is 7,6,5,7 then 6.5,7 but I went a couple extra restrictions by repeating the line, "They tell me time moves on", line and by making it all rhyme. Have a great day!

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It's about progress ...not always being right.