Time stand still

Oh shattered heart dont be so worrisome, hold back your tears and listen to what your heart desires and let all feel the silence in the nights cold air. So stay warm and cuddle close to me and dont let your mind go astray and dont lose who you are in these worldly of ways. Do you remember us? The you and i that now seems to have faded into the night stars and leaving me empty handed with nothing more then sorrows and the remembering of our past we once held on so tightly,as to know what was headed our way before we relized our time was up . now we are held in space in time to say nothing has changed but only to be held at arms length and i wanting and pleading with time just to say it wasnt enough, just so i may have you back in my arms again. As if time would stop and earth would hear my cry and grant my wish of you holding me again and us lost in space and where time seem to stand still as if nothing ever had changed but only feeling like i was yours and you were mine again and all the sorrows were all but forgotten about because you were mine again.

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