Time Talking

Tick-tock is the time tocking
To us, saying to stop stalling.
Tick-tocking is time talking,
And guess to whom and why it is calling:

To unlock your sense of youth.
Now we can hear the time tick-tocking,
Because we had put it to no use
All this time, all this time as the clock will keep talking.

As for the hourglasses with voices unheard who saw me
Growing up in a society of corrupt desire.
For society to compare her to the ideal woman's body,
She had then known her own time would be dire.

The time will go on with the only way enabled to talk
In a language we won't understand to be mocking.
From the language of young stopwatches to wall and digital clocks,
They will all continue to be ticked off and tocking,

In the same little tone of its message trying to send.
Yes, the little and minor ticks and tocks
Where none of us could ever comprehend
Of what is to come of the grandfather clocks.

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