Time to Breathe.

’m trying to figure out why I’m still beside myself,
Why you still come to mind, it’s definitely no help,
But I feel like I’m better-most of the time,
And then it comes back to give reason to my rhyme,

Or maybe I’m just making excuses for myself,
For why I can’t sleep with all these burdens on the shelf,
They come and they go like the rain and the snow,
But I wish they’d leave for good so I can truly know,

Know that it never really was meant to be,
And I know I know that too, I’m just trying to see,
What else is out there and what’s better for me,
I’m just waiting and wishing, trying to get myself to agree,

Agree with the thoughts that I know show truth behind them,
But they fight with the thoughts that make you seem like a gem,
Your intentions may or may not have been sincere,
I just can’t wait to get my body and mind out of here,

It’s not good for the soul to dwell on what was,
But rather look forward to what will be because,
Well because that’ll only hold you back,
From what you can accomplish, which others might lack,

Not everyone has the drive that some do,
I’m trying to get my drive to float away from you,
So maybe this here is the perfect kind of timing,
I’ll have time to think of others who deserve my opining.

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