Time to Let You Go

You could always make me laugh
You new just what to say
Your jokes could be so freakin lame
But I'd giggle anyway

You'd take me out to eat some ribs
We'd laugh and stuff our faces
Our waitress couldn't help but laugh
While we joked of life and its fazes

You were crazy and hilarious
Constant, caring and sweet
You made me feel like I could soar
I could conquer any challenge I'd meet

I got to meet your 'family'
And loved them from the start
I'd found some friends to keep forever
But you and me, we've grown apart

You weren't supposed to walk away
Now memories is all I got
I try to forget and move ahead
But my heart has saved you a spot

I promised you I'd be your friend
No matter, come what may
I'd forgive you and encourage you
I'd never walk away

Now I've done my part and said my piece
I've tried to make you care
But all I get is hurtful silence
It all seems so unfair

But now I realize I'm a fool
And this one thing I know
I've drained myself for one who won't care
And its time to let you go

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