Time Travel

In a drunken haze I cut my finger
The onions were chopped
Kitchen smelled like garlic and peppers
Friends watched the game
A buddy walked through the door
Index finger lost its tip
The guitar would not play tonight.
“Let's go to the bar”

Shots announced themselves and
the group was beckoned.
The glass reflected the twisted faces and
each drink laughed back and burned throats.
Smiles, wrestling, good-friends, and music
Lives shrouded with giggles and booze
Girls blush at our jokes and tell us to stop
They love the jokes and when we wrestle.
They remember why they fell in love with us.

The bar is the destination.
Front door is piled out of.
Single-file stumbles
Senses kick in and a decision decides to stay home
She doesn't go and I stay
Feelings may hurt
Not hers
She falls asleep in my arms

The dog shivers from the cold
I let him under the covers
He stinks and is warm
My eyes will not close
A movie casts blue light from the flat-screen
The room has become too hot
I want to turn off the grumbling heater
Its black and looks like an over sized kettle
As I stand she drinks from a mason jar
“Where are you going?” She says and falls back asleep.
“I'm going to get a glass of water.”
I fill two cups and walk up the dark staircase.
The room has cooled off and the dog is in my spot.

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