Time Travel

I took a walk through yesteryear,
To a time so long ago.
I wished to see what was there
That I missed, now that I finally know.
I walked through the halls of my old school,
Saw classmates I knew back when.
Some I only knew by name,
Some I didn't know then.

I looked around for a calendar,
I wanted to know the year.
I asked someone what year it was,
They looked at me so queer.
"The year, well you should know quite well,
It's nineteen-forty-nine."
I was glad to know I still had time,
To locate this friend of mine.

Among those who wandered the halls,
I found the one I sought.
His eyes briefly met with mine,
But he didn't give me a thought,
Just hurried ahead to his future,
And I, I hastened to mine.
Little I knew, so long ago,
That our lives would someday entwine.

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This Poems Story

I published a poetry book, Sense and Sentiment, and a novel, Tennessee Transplantation. I've written short stories for an upstate NY women's newspaper and edited books for two friends. After my late husband passed away, I was on MyLife website when a gentleman (that I recognized as an alumnus from high school) initiated contact. He didn't remember me. Long story short, we are now married. My poem, "Time Travel," was written when I imagined returning to those years to find him.