Time Traveler

A dark forbidden world I abide in.
Some deem it to be a blessing as I have been foretold.
I concede it to be a curse in my humanity of eras.
I have seen mortality, famine, destruction of great empires, and eminent wars.
No illumination can be perceived in my humanity.
A shadowy forbidden world I must endure.
I have come to declare it to be a blessing and yet a curse for my existence.
I have seen famine multiplied through the ripples of time.
I have witnessed plagues exterminate the great inhabitants of this world.
I have heard mothers screaming as their children are ripped by mortality.
I have detected elderly laying to rest in their shallow graves.
My eyes are consumed with distress and hopelessness.
My arms have embraced those that have transcended from our humanity.
My hands have revealed to you the wrinkles of times.
My hair is silvery white with the wisdom I have achieved through hands of time.
And yet you want to be collectively of my forbidden dark humanity.
I am only a dream in your psyche, my beloved mortals.
You will fail to remember me soon just as time has forgotten me forevermore.
I am traveler of time.

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