Time Traveling

Because this didn't just happen, and I didn't just write this
you're reading something from the past,
which means you're time traveling.
because every letter that you see, every word that you read,
Will slowly disappear into a distant memory.
Thus when you're in motion, you're not just there;
now you are here, but once you realize you're here.
You're already gone.
So how can we live in the moment?
When there's no such thing as a second.
And how can we give presents,
yet never live in the present.
How do we find our true selves, when we're changing all the time??
yet how is it when our eyes close,we do not realize time.
Cause we are always time traveling
With our thoughts and our memories;
to songs that don't exist anymore.
To that boring old chore we bore to do.
cause once you realize that everything's a lie:
you realize your the keeper of your own time.

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