Time Traveling

I never believed time travel was real,
however, there is a rift in time
which transports you back to the beginning with a single look.
People are the machines that take us back in time.
A knowing gaze, a trip down memory lane, and an inside joke
are what make time travel possible.
Only the most powerful memories
are the fuel that move us from the present.
It's the connection with individuals that makes time stand still.
Everything blurs around your bubble of intimacy
while you hold onto the moments shared between you.
Each new moment feels like it's happened before,
but you know that it hasn't.
The comfort and familiarity by which you are taken back
to the beginning of your story, and the trust that ensues,
are your protection against harsh reality that tries to impose.
Your memories become your reality as it transports you back.
A reality so fragile that neither wishes to speak
in case the spell might be broken.
The connection between the individuals
is what makes the illusion strong.
The stronger the connection,
the longer the alternate reality stands.
It can only be broken by a good-bye.
And as they say, "All good things must come to an end."
Not knowing if they will ever travel back in time again,
they gaze at each other unmoving-wanting to hold on,
but knowing they can't.
The reality then turns into a bittersweet dream as they part ways
with a silent prayer that they might meet again.

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