Time Waits for No One


Time heals all old wounds
It also shames the few who pick at these scabs
The ones who choose to bask in the pain
A familiar pinch, a comfortable sting
Allow these few to rediscover themselves
Through darkness, through the shadow that trails
A shadow that lurks and stalks behind
An entity of its own
Encroach and invade
Take control as we relinquish all power
Submit to despair
Cover our blood with a blanket
Hide this outpouring from the world
Fortunate, if exposure warranted a double take
A second glance from passersby
Please do not step in the puddle of our past
The shedding of many yesterdays
Leave your judgment at home
Here we lie outstretched in hopelessness
And, although, you have seemingly pressed forward
Everyday, oddly enough, we routinely meet again

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