This World was given to Us to live Free.
Too make choices in our life.
Wrong or right we choose to live in the world we call our own.
This world suffers from an delusional state of mind.
I have seen the Darkest Paths that one should never experience.
I've Traveled to find that the Truth will come from a Stranger an Lies will come from someone that stands Beside You.
Pride is a False Shield that isn't Yet known.
We sacrifice our Lives to Protect.
WHAT!?? ..
We give nothing back into this World we claim ours.
Who is the Man behind the Clouds?
Who is the Man Beyond the world Below?
Do I take my Life an place it in their Hands?
How does it Answer?
How come I'm still alone in this world?
Why is all these creatures Rule this World.
We Call them MEN.
I separated them from an Animal.
At one time I did...
Now their just a Face in the crowd.
An Animal with Tasteless,
Waisted thoughts.
One doesn't hold LoVe.
One doesn't Have LoVe.
One Fails to see the LoVe.
One is Alone in life.
Forever we take from what we make one believe.
For every Question has an Endless Answer.
Time Wasn't there for me when I needed it the Most.
Tomorrow someone will Say what I may have said Today.
It will be Years down the Road before anyone will see it my Way.
Take this as you want.
Its meant to have you think of me for the last time.

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