Time will show

There could be days when the sunshine won't look too bright...
When everything would be the same..but you'll feel something isn't right
When the flowers would seem to lack their colours,and life has to offer no wonder's
When you would stop noticing the moon and would only focus on the night
When success would seem stagnant and you would think you can't reach new height
When doors seem shut and your goals seem too far
When your identity is something you would question each hour
Then close your eyes and take a deep breath,because now for a new beginning you are all set
It's now that you have to renew yourself
Its now you need to fight back all alone and stop looking for help
Don't worry, you are a diamond that was ever born
It's ok to have bad days,even a rose is recognised by its thorn
When the whole world seems dark,it doesn't mean that the radiance has died
It actually indicates that your inner sun is prepared to show it's light
Storms meet the sea almost everyday,
But the sea's existence forever stay
Dream even if ppl taunt you crazy or crack,because really legends never look back
Upset, for what because the world questions yr route
But success is achieved by traveling paths that to all doesn't suit
Don't shout to shut them..Let their laughter grow
Because each choice u made was correct that yr time will show

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